Atlantic  Grain & Trade specializes in both edible and feed applications for  specialty Dairy Powders. 

We ship our dairy products around the world  and can handle just about any request you have. 

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Milk Products

Nonfat Dry Milk (Skim)

     NFDM Low Heat 

     NFDM Medium Heat

     NFDM High Heat
Buttermilk Powders
Milk Protein Concentrates

     MPC 70

     MPC 80

     MPC 85

     Milk Protein Isolate 90

     Acid Casein

     Rennet Casein

     Calcium Caseinate

     Magnesium Caseinate

     Potassium Caseinate

     Sodium Caseinate
Whole Milk Powder

WMP 26.5%

​     WMP 28%

​Milk Permeate

Whey Products

Sweet Whey Powder

Whey Protein Concentrates

WPC 34 Regular & Heat Stable

     WPC 80 Regular 

     WPC 80 Instant 

     WPI 90 Regular & Heat Stable

     WPI 90 Instant


Reduced Lactose Whey 

Reduced Minerals Whey 

Whey Permeate

Deproteinized Whey

Whey Cream

Acid Whey Powder